Secure Shredding

Many organisations produce a variety of documents that contain information which should be securely destroyed after they have been used in order to prevent them being acquired by another party.

Secure Shredding Specialists

The most effective way of destroying documents in a controlled and thorough manner is through secure shredding and Shredsec is a specialist secure shredding company operating in London, East Anglia and the East Midlands.

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Licensed Secure Shredding Company

By utilising the services of an accredited shredding company that is licensed by the Environment Agency, your organisation will be protecting itself from potential problems including:

Identity Theft

ID theft is a constant menace for individuals and organisations.  Most people associate ID theft with individuals involving the fraudulent use of personal details commonly taken from bills, statements, etc.  However, identity theft also occurs through the misuse of data stored by organisations but not correctly destroyed.  Items such as personnel records, CV’s, references, Payroll details, ID cards, security badges, etc, are all vulnerable to abuse if they are compromised.

Breach of the Data Protection ActIndustrial Espionage

Many companies have invested considerable amounts of time, money and resources into developing their customer base, products and operations.  Have you thought about what kind of damage could take place if one of your competitors obtained information that you class as confidential?  Items such as sales and marketing reports, new product development, growth strategies, purchasing margins, operational details, etc are all likely to be of immense value to your competitors.

Breach of Data Protection Act

The Information Commissioner’s Office has the power to fine organisations up to £500,000 for breaches of the Data Protection Act.  Find out more about the scope and brevity of the Data Protection Act.

Keeping confidential information secure should be a priority for every organisation once it no longer of any use to you.