Confidential Shredding Services

If you handle documents that contain sensitive information, you need Shredsec’s confidential shredding services to ensure your material is completely destroyed and cannot be retrieved.  From bank account details on payroll records to job references, customer records and marketing plans, almost every organisation possesses data that needs to be securely destroyed.

Irrespective of your organisation’s size or trading status (eg, business, charity, public sector, leisure attraction, etc.,) you have a responsibility to ensure your data is handled in the most secure manner.

How ShConfidential Shredding Servicesredsec’s Confidential Shredding Services Can Help

Under the Data Protection Act 1988, you have a legal responsibility to safeguard any data you possess that can be regarded as private or could be used to compromise individuals or organisations.  The Act covers all data, regardless of how it is stored.   It also covers current and aged data.

If you do not comply with the Act, you could be liable to pay compensation to individuals or organisations who suffer loss, damage or distress as a result of your actions. You are also likely to receive a substantial fine.

Using Shredsec’s confidential shredding services, you will be able to demonstrate due diligence in disposing of your confidential waste material.  Our state-of-the-art shredding machinery destroys your material to Category 3, and cross-cuts the paper so that it is impossible to retrieve the data.  We can help you destroy all your papers and there is no limit to the amount of material we can handle.

Our secure shredding service is trusted by some of the UK’s most security-conscious organisations. To ensure you’re getting the secure service you demand, take advantage of our free security audit to find out how you could improve the way your confidential information is managed.

Shredding Services versus Recycling Services

Recycling is a cheaper method of disposing of your waste paper.  However, it is not secure and is not an acceptable alternative for the destruction of confidential material.  In order to obtain the highest value, recycling companies frequently employ casual workers, who are not screened, and who operate in unsecure working environments.  Paper is often stored for long periods of time in order to take advantage of fluctuating paper-mill prices.

With Shredsec’s confidential shredding services, your waste will be:

  • Handled by trained technicians who have been security-screened.
  • Comprehensively destroyed.  You will receive a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ as evidence.
  • Recycled to make new paper products.