Document Destruction

Document destruction is important to all organisations.  You need to know that any paperwork which contains sensitive information is destroyed in the most comprehensive and complete manner.

Document Management

The life of your documents after they have been used is just as important as when they are in use so that your organisation is mitigating the risks associated with identity theft, misuse of sensitive data and non-compliance with privacy laws. Effective destruction should be a key part of your document management process.

Shredsec provides a secure, reliable and thorough document destruction service that ensures your organisation complies with the Data Protection Act in preventing confidential information from being compromised.

Document DestructionShredsec’s Document Destruction Services

You want to be assured that your documents are destroyed securely and completely. You want to know that your confidential information is handled responsibly by well-trained staff who have been security-screened. You want a cost-effective document destruction solution that is fast and efficient.

Shredsec is here to help. We provide a comprehensive document destruction solution that is tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our flexible shredding services cover on-demand collections or scheduled collections that operate like this:

  1. You receive a delivery of sacks or secure bins to your organisation in which you place documents for destruction.
  2. You and your staff fill the sacks or bins.
  3. You specify a convenient time for us to visit your premises and empty the sacks or bins – or you phone us when they are nearly full.
  4. We remove the documents and take them to our secure premises for shredding.
  5. Your emptied sacks or bins are replaced in readiness for your next documents.
  6. Your receive a Certificate of Destruction, if required, to prove that your documents have been completely destroyed.

Secure Document Storage

We can deliver secure containers to your premises in which to place your documents, depending on the type of contract you have.  Alternatively, we can provide sacks in which to place your material.

Contact Shredsec to discuss your requirements.