New Industrial Shredding Machine for Shredsec

Intimus-852-Shredding-MachineTo cope with the increasing demand for their shredding services, Shredsec Ltd have taken delivery of a new industrial shredding machine.

[quote color=”#999999″]The Intimus 852 operates at security level 3 which shreds paper to a size of 3.8 x 40mm.  Most shredding machines cut paper into strips which can be re-assembled, but the Intimus cross cuts documents into confetti-sized pieces.[/quote]

“It handles paperclips, staples, disks and credit cards,” added Philip James, Director at Shredsec.  “So our customers don’t need to worry about sorting their material before collection.”


Shredsec specialise in the secure destruction of confidential documents. We provide a complete solution to ensure you dispose of all your paperwork securely and safely. We operate throughout London, East Anglia and the East Midlands and our solutions include: confidential shredding, document shredding, mobile on site paper shredding, security shredding, and paper shredding services to our customers